Tips for Switching Uniform Providers for Your Business

Tips for Switching Uniform Providers for Your Business

Changing a uniform provider that you already have is a lot more complicated than you’d think.

Uniforms are a very important part of any business. They communicate to customers who your employees are so they are very easily recognizable, and they boost efficiency and encourage feelings of teamwork between employees, and they also extend and advertise your company’s brand. While choosing to work with a uniform provider is usually a no-brainer for its various benefits, changing a uniform provider that you already have is a lot more complicated. Read on for a couple of things to consider as you make your own decision.

Create a Pros and Cons List

Changing your uniform provider might mean changing up your uniform in some capacity. If you are already thinking about changing either, there has to be a reason. Sit down and make a list of things that work well and that you like about your current uniforms and the service that will provide them, and everything that doesn’t work. Consider how the uniform fits in with your brand and the ambiance of your business. Consider how the service meets your demands and needs or provides benefits to your staff. Take some time to talk to your team members about their feelings and thoughts too. Do not approach the process of finding a new uniform provider without having a good idea of what it is you want.

Get Plenty of Thorough Quotes

Once you have those lists completed, research each uniform provider and find at least three that you’d like to get quotes from. Give them all the information you have compiled about your uniform needs and ask them to provide some suggestions for your uniforms from their offerings. If their recommendations include different sale items, be cautious, as these might go out of stock and not be reordered. You don’t want to have to change uniforms again since what you settled on now is not available in a year or so.

Gather Some Samples

Getting sample uniforms from possible uniform providers will be a bit pricey, but a worthwhile one since most uniform companies will charge for any samples that you do not return or that get laundered. Laundering the sample uniform should also be a huge part of your decision process since knowing how they will look after repeated uniform washings are essential.

Rate and Review Options

Include the staff in testing samples and compile all the feedback about the different options before you make a real decision. Rate and tank each potential uniform providers based on the comfort and durability of their samples, how helpful and knowledgeable they were, and of course, the expenses.

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