• Medical Uniform
  • Security Uniform
  • Utility Uniform

Hanover Uniform supplies uniform solutions for a variety of industries and businesses. Due to our vast network of suppliers in line with value-added services, such as our online ordering portal, we are able to provide a uniform program that not only meets the needs of your organization, but represents it the best it can.

Some of the industries that we supply include…

Food Service

Providing garments such as aprons and chefware.

Medical / Healthcare

Providing garments such as scrubs, labcoats and other protective apparel.


Providing garments such as executive wear and protective gear.


Providing approved garments to the many military institutions across our nation.


Providing safety garments and gear including top-rated fire-repellent apparel for use in the field.

Security / Public Safety

Providing safety and tactical garments for security, law enforcement and other public safety environments.