Essential Factors of Your Winter Work Uniform

Essential Factors of Your Winter Work Uniform

Now is the ideal time to think about just how you want your winter work uniforms to function and work.

We’re still in the midst of winter, so what better time to think about how you design and wear your winter uniforms? In fact, now is the ideal time to think about just how you want your winter work uniforms to function and work. Depending on the business and industry practices, your winter uniforms might have to work both outdoors and indoors, functional in all kinds of weather. Read on for a handful of essential factors to consider as you start to plan your winter uniforms for your employees!

Visibility is Crucial

The shorter days of winter mean that employees who have to be outside are much more likely to be out after dark than in the summer. Combine this with the possibility of weather that makes visibility very hard, and it will very quickly become evident that high-visibility clothing is a very important part of the outdoor winter uniform. At the bare minimum, you should wear reflective jackets, but if you think that employees could get caught in white-outs, for example, reflective trousers are a smart choice as well.

Utilize Plenty of Layers

If you expect to have employees who have to go in and out of different buildings during the winter, you have to wear uniforms that utilize some layers. The base of the uniform should be something easy, like a polo, that is comfortable to wear in most buildings around the winter. The base should be breathable so that once you layer up, the wearer does not get overheated or sweaty. The next layer should be the intermediate layer, a soft shell jacket, a vest, or a windbreaker. This layer should help keep them warm but not limit their full mobility. Finally, the outermost layer must be a very heavy winter jacket for those who have to go outside in the brutal weather. Do not forget the proper hats and gloves to help finish off your uniform.

Do Not Forget Comfortable Shoes

For outdoor employees, having the right kinds of shoes might mean the difference between being comfortable and also being dangerous. If you are working outside, then you need shoes that are water resistant, if not entirely waterproof, warm, and sturdy. Depending on the industry, you might also have to require that the uniform’s shoes have thick soles or steel-toe reinforcing. The more requirements that you make of your footwear, the more you should consider providing it for employees, even if you rent, instead of making them source it themselves.

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