Tips for Wearing Layers with Your Uniforms

Tips for Wearing Layers with Your Uniforms

There are some general tips for wearing layers with your work uniform.

Showing up for a day at work in your uniform does not mean just one piece of clothing is required. Whether you work in healthcare, auto repair, retail, or construction, workers are bound to wear other clothes underneath or over their work uniform. The weather is now getting chillier, and employees’ workplaces can have different temperatures. Layering your clothes with work uniforms can be difficult if workers have to adhere to specific dress code requirements. There are some general tips for wearing layers with your work uniform to help keep your workers comfortable, safe, and professional while working. Read on to learn more!

Movement and Comfort

Most of these tips and considerations will depend on application based on the field of work. However, workers do deserve to be comfortable in their clothes while at work. Those working inside, like retail workers, healthcare employees, and office workers, typically have a better idea of which temperatures to expect throughout their day based on their building’s air conditioning and heating. Indoor workers that move around might get warmer more quickly like mechanics and chefs in their coveralls. They might prefer lighter and fewer layers under their work uniforms to stay comfortable. On the other hand, construction workers have mostly work outside and have a lot of movement, layering up might be important, but it should not restrict their ability to work safely. Typically, if they can move around safely, construction workers can then wear jackets or hats to stay warm underneath their PPE, like visibility vests and hard hats.

Control Over Temperature

Dressing in different light layers is the best way for controlling the temperature throughout the work shift. Often, polo-style work shirts are not bulky and warm anyway. Wearing thin, long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts under your uniform shirt is a nice way to stay warm. Layered long johns, leggings, and thermal tight underpants to keep your legs warm is nice too. Dress code permitting, you could bring a light jacket to work. As you go about your day and need more and more layers, you could put on a zipper hoodie or a sweater and cardigan that still displays some of your uniform. You could always remove layers in the bathroom too.

A Professional Look

Uniforms can help reinforce to your customers that your company is polished and professional. For more coverage articles of clothing, such as lab coats, the main thing other people will see is your outermost piece of clothes and your business logo. If there is a need for it, then order some outerwear with your company name on it and make it a legitimate part of your uniform. Also, look professional and put together by coordinating your company colors with your layers.

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