How to Make Your Company’s Medical Scrubs Last

How to Make Your Company’s Medical Scrubs Last

You could take a few steps to make your medical scrubs last a bit longer.

Scrubs are an important component for all medical workers. They let people know you work within the medical field, they’re meant to stay sterile to keep any outside pathogens out of your facility, and they are inexpensive since they will not last forever. Even if they aren’t an expensive uniform and are meant to be changed out, you could take a few steps to make your medical scrubs last a bit longer so you won’t have to replace them that often. Read on to learn more!

Only Wear the Scrubs at Work

When you are used to wearing your scrubs all day, you will want to wear them everywhere. Extend the lifespan of your scrubs by resisting the urge and only wearing them to and from work. If you wear them while you’re out and about, they’ll be susceptible to quicker deterioration and must be replaced more often. Aside from the general, everyday wear and tear, wearing your scrubs in your house or while you’re out running errands will also raise the risk of stains or any other damages.

Fight Off Stains as Quickly as You Can

Hospital work can be nasty, and stains are a part of the job that happens. Keep a stain removal pen close to you and try to remove any liquids from stains when they occur. Managing stains immediately will help them come out when you toss the scrubs into the wash so that you will not need a new set of scrubs each time your job gets a bit messy.

Rotate Your Scrubs

Make sure you’ve got multiple sets of scrubs ready at all times, and try to stagger the purchasing of new ones to replace old ones to keep the costs as manageable as possible. It is a good idea to have enough uniforms for at least a week, but around two weeks, preferably, so you are not stuck doing laundry each time you want to wash your uniforms. Rotate your scrubs after each shift to make your medical scrubs last much longer, then retire them when needed. Give Hanover Uniform a call today if you’re interested in scrubs and other medical uniforms!

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