Tips for Deciding on the Best Colors for Your Uniforms

Tips for Deciding on the Best Colors for Your Uniforms

Getting the proper colored uniforms is not always easy.

Colors impact human psychology a lot more than we realize. They are capable of creating feelings, tying ideas together, and also have context-dependent meaning. Understanding which personal preferences exist or which cultural preferences there might be could help us understand which colors should be used, where they should be utilized, and why they should be used. All of this impacts our own color choices for uniforms as well. Getting the proper colored uniforms is not always easy. In fact, it is much easier to get the wrong color uniforms that do not convey what you are trying to say. Read on for some tips to get the colored uniforms that work best for you!

Matching Your Brand

Any business should have a very cohesive brand identity. It is an easy way for your potential new customers to look at you and know what you are all about. People who are legitimate experts on brand identity will tell you that color is an integral part of the equation. Suppose you have already made your brand identity; the color of your uniforms should match up with or complement the brand. If you have not developed your brand, think of your uniforms as one piece of a giant puzzle.

Knowing Your Company Goals

Are your uniforms just meant to make someone recognizable to the general public, or will you need your uniforms to say a bit more? Identify your company goals! Sometimes, a uniform might enable coworkers to identify each other based on a rank, which gives them a quick visual indicator of who is in charge. Even accent colors on an armband could establish who is who within the workplace and create a clearer sense of hierarchy.

Understanding Your Industry

Different industries make use of different kinds of colors. Red might be useful for fast food restaurants and retail stores (so customers can quickly locate someone who can help them), but other colors can also be useful. White is preferred within healthcare environments, more professional spaces like banks or corporate buildings tend to use black uniforms, and blue is used in office buildings. It depends on what your company does on a daily basis for its customers.

Looking and Remaining Professional

Regardless of which color you pick, you will want to remain professional. A blue uniform is common for this since they feel welcoming and open. Likewise, something like white could communicate a sense of cleanliness and is also used to show that a person cares about how clean their uniform really is. This could help notify customers that your workers are honest professionals who are committed to their jobs.

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