The Best Ways for Making Your Uniforms Last Longer

The Best Ways for Making Your Uniforms Last Longer

You should be thinking about how to get the most longevity and life out of your uniforms.

Whether you are starting a brand new company or it is time to update the uniform for your existing company (like a rebranding strategy), this is the time when you will have to be thinking about how to get the most longevity and life out of your uniforms. They’re an investment, and much like any investment, you will want it to last and to continue providing the different benefits that a solid uniform policy should. These tips for making a work uniform last much longer and cover the entire process, from picking the best uniform materials to the policies about the care and actual maintenance of the uniforms in your business and while you’re at home. Read on to learn more!

Materials of the Uniforms

The materials of your uniform will definitely impact how difficult they are to care for, and if they are challenging or time-consuming to take care of, they’re less likely to be shown respect and last as long as possible. For instance, while 100% cotton is a very popular choice, it does not always do well in the dryer. Cotton could be machine-washed or hand-washed, but it should often be dried on a line. This a time-consuming process, and for a few employees, might not even be feasible. Similarly, wool might often be hand-washed or also dry-cleaned, making it more difficult to manage for most employees. If you are not having your employees wash their own uniforms, a choice that doesn’t have a lot of benefits, you might have more control over the conditions that the garments are being laundered under, and you may be able to get the same longevity out of the more difficult fabrics.

The Storage of the Uniform

How a uniform is stored when it is not being worn will also impact just how long it lasts. Uniforms that are allowed to sit in a ball or a heap, especially if dirty, will be much harder to clean and more likely to be permanently damaged. Uniforms should be folded up or hung out while they’re stored, especially if they are being held for a bit of time (like a seasonal uniform), and the storage should be dry and clean (like to avoid damp areas with robust odors).

Caring for the Uniform

Finally, how uniforms are taken care of (regardless of material) will influence how long they last. Uniforms should be washed promptly when they’re stained or dirty. If they have to be ironed, iron them inside out so that they do not get a shiny look from the iron. If you’ve got the ability, consider creating a uniform policy where the uniforms are left at the business, and make sure to handle the laundering so you know that it is done correctly. As soon as problems arise, repair them if you can.

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