The Main Dangers of Poor Fitting Uniforms

The Main Dangers of Poor Fitting Uniforms

Not only do poor quality and poor fitting uniforms make accidents more likely, but they can also negatively affect your productivity.

A poorly fitting uniform is very dangerous for the person wearing it and the employees all working around them. Not only do poor quality and poor fitting uniforms make accidents more likely, but they can also negatively affect your productivity. You may not even think it, but there are a lot of unspoken dangers involving poor-fitting uniforms for many industries. Read on to learn more about poor fitting uniforms!

Pinches, Snags, or Drops: Dangers of Oversized Uniforms

While working in a labor-intensive job like construction or industrial work, danger is around each corner. Between the machinery and consistent activity, any distraction or variable may lead to disaster. Oversized uniforms are both. They’re a distraction because they require adjustments at all times, like pulling up your sleeves or pants up, and they have a tendency to catch onto equipment. In a lot of cases, a caught oversized sleeve is just an annoying obstacle. In other cases, like while working with large machinery with powerful moving parts, it can be dangerous. As a result, oversized uniforms can easily make a routine situation quite disastrous, as all it takes is a snag.

Restriction, Squeeze, and Discomfort

Although undersized uniforms are less likely to get caught on machinery, they carry their own set of dangers and risks. Your employees have to have a free range of movement to protect themselves when required and be productive. If a tight uniform keeps an employee from being able to raise their arms over their head, this could be problematic. If they cannot turn around without resistance from their shirt, this could be dangerous. Anything that restricts freedom of movement could have consequences but also long-term ramifications. If pants that are too tight are worn for an extended period, they can cause a condition known as meralgia paresthetica. This can cause nerve damage and could restrict blood flow, and potentially damage veins and the tissues they feed.

How Do I Get Properly Fitting Uniforms?

The benefits of fitted and professional uniforms for your workforce are clear, but logistics and cost of having them can be quite intimidating. There is the matter of finding the right store that has the correct type of materials in the sizes required, getting them fitted, and maintaining them properly. Then there is the endless monitoring, cleaning, resizing, and more. Luckily, Hanover Uniform has got you covered!

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