Signs that You Need a New Uniform Provider

Signs that You Need a New Uniform Provider

Choosing the right uniform provider is as important as choosing the right uniform.

The uniforms that your employees wear are an important part of your business and your brand. Uniforms convey to clients and customers that you are professional and help them to easily determine who they should be speaking to. Uniforms also help your employees feel more connected to each other and professional and confident in their work. Choosing the right uniform provider is as important as choosing the right uniform. It is a business partnership that needs the same care and attention as your other business relationships. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up in a partnership with the wrong vendor and it becomes time to shop around again.  Here are some signs that you may have the wrong uniform provider and you should consider looking for a new one.

You Or Your Employees Hate Them

If you or your employees truly hate the uniform (or the provider for that matter), it’s time to make a change. If the uniforms are uncomfortable, your employees are not going to be happy or productive. Likewise, if the uniforms are bulky, hard to work in, or make employees feel unprofessional, you need to consider changing the uniform. If your provider can accommodate a change, you may not have to find a new vendor, but if they can’t or won’t, it is time to source a new provider.

You Aren’t Getting What You Contracted For

If you have a contract for a certain number, variety, or quality of uniforms and you’re not getting them, it is likely time to find a new vendor. Reach out to the vendor first to see if there is a logical reason for the discrepancy (people make mistakes after all), but if it continues to happen, the vendor doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Don’t forget that on-time delivery should also be part of your contract delivery. 

The Uniforms Are Dirty Or Unprofessional

Most uniform providers also provide cleaning services, which is a valuable incentive for your employees (it frees them from the expense and hassle of uniform maintenance). If the uniforms come back to you dirty, torn, tattered, or otherwise unprofessional, something is wrong with their cleaning process. 

Your Vendor Is Uncommunicative

If you reach out to your vendor, either to discuss issues or for any other reason, and they don’t get back to you in a reasonable time period, that is a sign they don’t value your business like they should. Likewise, if their invoices are confusing or disorganized, requiring more time and work from you than they should, they aren’t valuing your business. Find a new vendor who will.

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