How to Create the Perfect Uniform for Your Company

How to Create the Perfect Uniform for Your Company

Take the time to craft the perfect uniform for your company that satisfies every possible need you may have.

Designing a uniform for your company isn’t as simple as it seems. Those clothes will be worn by your employees every day, sometimes representing you to the public and giving first impressions to anyone they come across. It’s also important that they’re durable enough to meet the daily needs of whatever line of work you’re in. Don’t jump on the first option you see—instead, take the time to craft the perfect uniform for your company that satisfies every possible need you may have. 

What are the job requirements?

First and foremost, you must think about what you’re asking of your employees. If they’re working outside all day, their uniform may need to be substantially different from someone who works indoors. Likewise, factors like working with heavy objects, hazardous materials, customer-facing positions, and other considerations could influence how you design your uniforms. 

Protection can also be vital. For example, plumbers may need steel toe boots to protect their feet from heavy objects that sometimes work with. Look into industry standards for what kind of apparel makes sense for your employees. You should also be considering local, state, and federal guidelines, which may have some guidelines for what kind of protections need to be in place depending on your industry.

What looks good on most people?

Because uniforms have to be consistent across the board, it can be difficult to find something that works for everyone. That said, you can avoid styles that are too tight, available in limited colors, or are negatively received by employees. Another tip is to utilize colors that work with a wide range of skin tones, such as red, blue, or grey. Having a uniform you feel you look good in is an important factor as it can affect how your employees feel on a day-to-day basis.

What fits with your brand and goals?

It’s critical that you consider how your uniform design fits in with your overall brand and mission. A strong brand identity must be unique and striking, so custom elements like logos and name tags can set you apart. It’s also a good way to communicate your company culture and express who you are as a brand to the rest of the world.

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