Planning Corporate Apparel in 3 Easy Steps

Planning Corporate Apparel in 3 Easy Steps

Getting started with a uniform and corporate apparel program is not as challenging as you’d think.

There is a lot of evidence supporting uniforms and other kinds of corporate apparel for all employees to wear. They install a feeling of unity, community, pride, and a welcoming feeling for individuals lucky enough to join your company. But getting started with a corporate apparel program may seem difficult for any business owner out there. This may seem a bit daunting for those who are not designers or well-versed in the psychology of true corporate appeal. However, getting started with a uniform and corporate apparel program is not as challenging as you’d think. In fact, it’s pretty easy. Read on to learn more!

The First Step: Finding Desired Services and Features

The most important question to ask yourself while getting started in finding corporate apparel or uniforms is this: What will I and my business wish to get out of it? Do I want increased corporate appeal, or do I want something that benefits the employees, like an apron design? Or do I wish to increase brand awareness overall using corporate apparel? These questions are required when finding the proper uniforms for your business or company. It is also essential to think about if you want to pursue a purchasing service or rental service for apparel. Once you have brainstormed enough to create a basic plan, then you could move on to making a list of “must haves” and “maybes.” Must haves being a requirement for the uniform and maybes being a solid addition, but not required in case of budget restraints and other problems.

Step Two: Deciding on Branding Basics

If you already have a basic brand scheme thought of, this helps! You can skip this step entirely, or you can use it for advice if considering a refresh or update. The next step in the creation process is creating uniform drafts that will align with your brand. Think about which colors, themes, and logos you have decided work best to represent the company, and try to apply this as best as possible to your corporate apparel. You should have a variety of appeal tailored to the professions, like jackets for chilly weather and short sleeves for intense heat during the summer.

Step Three: Finding an Appropriate Corporate Apparel Supplier and Program

Now you should contact a uniform provider like Hanover Uniform to make your corporate apparel. While you wait for the uniforms to be finished, it is a nice time to find out how the uniforms will be given out. For example, will all the employees receive uniforms on hire, or will they need to be bought beforehand? Consider these points while planning out the corporate apparel plan.

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