When Should You Replace Your Lab Coat Uniform?

When Should You Replace Your Lab Coat Uniform?

If you’re working in a laboratory, healthcare facility, or doctor’s office, you know how important wearing your lab coat uniform is.

If you’re working in a laboratory, healthcare facility, or doctor’s office, you know how important wearing your lab coat uniform is. It protects your skin and clothing from getting in touch with hazardous materials that could cause possible health risks. One nice feature of lab coats is that not only are they bacterial resistant, but they’re washable too. A simple wash through a home dryer and washing machine will do the trick. However, there are some things that can’t get washed out. While a lab coat is made to withstand plenty of wear and tear, at some point, it is better just to replace it outright. For a few signs that your lab coat uniform has reached the end of its life, read on!

Tearing of the Lab Coat  

Ripping and tearing defeat the entire purpose of a lab coat. Once a lab coat starts to tear, this provides a hole or lesion where biohazardous material and bacteria might easily leak through, which could be harmful if it comes in touch with human skin. In addition, it does not look professional. A few tears and holes could be easily repaired at home with an easy sewing needle and a strong thread, but if the tip, tear, or snag becomes too big, it may just be worth investing in a new uniform lab coat.

Staining of the Lab Coat

As lab coats start in contact with hundreds of fluids over their existence, they’re bound to become stained eventually. The pure white color of your lab coat definitely does not help with that, either. There is also one hidden culprit of staining of a lab coat: your own sweat glands. Yellow staining, especially in an armpit area, it is common with lab coats because of the biology of sweat glands. A few smaller stains could be bleached out, but bigger ones might signal that it is time for a new replacement.

Size Changes with the Lab Coat

People aren’t only limited to one single size throughout their lives. Our body weight changes because of stress, medical conditions, or dietary changes, all of which might result in weight loss or gain. It is also possible that a cotton-based laboratory coat might shrink in your dryer. If you notice a physical change in how the lab coat fits on you, like becoming too baggy or tight, this is a nice time to consider replacing it with a better-fitting and flattering coat.

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