How Uniforms Can Help Make Your Workplace Safer

How Uniforms Can Help Make Your Workplace Safer

Violating OSHA safety regulations is one thing that no employer is able to afford to do, and it’s why finding fitting uniforms is important.

When the Occupational Health and Safety Act, or OSHA for short, was passed in 1970, the workplace was a lot different than it is currently. With more dangerous materials, looser regulations, and less effective safety equipment, the stage was set for serious workplace injuries. Now, there is still the possibility for injuries, but regulations like OSHA mean that employees or employers are able to stay protected and healthy much better. With expensive fines, violating OSHA safety regulations is one thing that no employer is able to afford to do, and it’s why finding fitting uniforms is important. Read on to learn more!

Listen to and Inquire After Any Employee Uniform Requests

Employees will be much more aware of the possible risks in their job than you. Keep an open and honest communication channel that lets them feel comfortable expressing safety worries and making you aware of their needs. An anonymous comment or suggestion box might make them a lot more likely to express their concerns. That being said, you should keep a very open and positive attitude so any safety problems can be watched immediately instead of being suggested once it is too late.

Prepare and Train

Do not let a surprise inspection catch you off guard. Not only can a lackluster inspection cost your business money in hefty fines, but it means employees will have been at risk. Ensuring your staff has the information and training they need for safety laws and procedures is important. To stay on track, try to attend local OSHA training events, lectures, or workshops to learn about and implement updates and changes. Also, make sure you regularly refresh and train employees while reinforcing workplace safety methods. Another thing that can’t hurt is to provide them with updated uniforms.

Stay Updated

As mentioned, one of the most crucial steps for uniform safety is making sure you are always up to date. Not only are regulations changing all the time, but with innovations in the uniform field, there is usually a new version you can be using to protect your employees better. Along with staying updated with the list of OSHA standards, sources such as the Federal Register, Safety Daily Advisor, and a variety of mobile apps can help keep you on a serious track. Also, when you work with a uniform company, you can always check to see which new and improved uniforms and products you may have access to.

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