How to Remove Stains from Your Own Work Uniforms

How to Remove Stains from Your Own Work Uniforms

Knowing how exactly how to remove stains from uniforms is crucial.

Uniforms are much more common in a few industries or businesses than others. For example, you usually expect to see people dressed in uniforms on a military base, inside a hospital, or within a fire station. However, uniforms are not always obvious; all of the wait staff in black pants and white shirts are also in uniform, just like the retail associates in their polos and auto mechanics in their coveralls. Each of these businesses and industries understand the different benefits of having employee uniforms, including enhanced productivity and morale and improved customer experiences. They might have different styles and colors, but the uniforms all work similarly. The one thing that remains the same across all industries is knowing how exactly how to remove stains from uniforms is crucial. Read on to learn more!

Stains of Dirt

Dust and dirt are a true fact of life, they’re unavoidable, and they can also stain uniforms. A lot of dirt and dust should come out with a normal wash cycle, but if they do not, you can try to remove the stain with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, as it’s commonly known. Sponge the stain with some rubbing alcohol, and then rinse the garment underneath it with cold water and then launder it once again.

Grass Stain Removal

If you must work outside, grass stains are going to be a problem. If the grass has been cut recently, it only takes a little contact for these green blades to stain your uniform. Use a mix of one part dish soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Mix them up, and then after completely soak the garment in warm water, dump out the soap mixture over the stain. Allow it to soak in for around 15 minutes, rinse the garment under hot water and then launder.

Removing Sweat Stains

Sweat stains, a lot like most of the stains in this blog, are easier to deal with if you get to them quickly. If they sit, they will then turn yellow. For this stain remover, you will need one cup of vinegar, a half cup baking soda, one tablespoon of salt, and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Wash down the garment in vinegar and water. Then mix the other three ingredients and rub them into the stain thoroughly, and then launder it right away.

Food and Grease Stains

For greasy food stains, trust the dish soap. If it is good enough to rescue wildlife from oil spills, you can help save your uniform from any pizza grease.

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