How to Create the Perfect Summer-Approved Work Uniform

How to Create the Perfect Summer-Approved Work Uniform  

Why not make a work uniform better suited for the intense summer heat?

Summer will arrive before we all know it here in the DMV. This means that hot and humid temperatures are on the way. When it gets too hot out, working outside becomes a challenge. Of course, a few employees have to work outside as a part of their jobs, and the companies can’t stop moving forward because of the hot weather. On top of offering your employees water and plenty of breaks, why not make their work uniform better suited for the intense summer heat? There are various different steps you can take to make sure your employee’s usual work uniform is comfortable and safe for employees to wear this summer. Read on to learn more!

Providing Durable Work Uniforms

In a few occupations, during the summertime, workloads tend to increase, especially outside. Whether it is dealing with more clients or customers or more work in general, having a durable work uniform is crucial for surviving the intense summer months. If you decide to use a business-casual work-style shirt in your place of business, try buying them in a material that is meant to last. For example, although it might be more pricey, try using an embroidered branding logo instead of a painted logo or ironed acrylic logo. It looks more professional and has a less likely chance of becoming scratched, warped, or melted in the heat.

Lightweight Fabrics

An absolute necessity for summer work uniforms are lightweight and breathable fabrics. Consider purchasing pants or shirts made out of natural fibers like cotton or sweat-wicking textiles like spandex and polyester. Avoid any heat-absorbent fabrics like normal polyester and wool. Another key tip? Make sure the summer uniform is lightweight. The less weight on your employee, the better suited they will be able to sweat correctly, keeping them cool. If your company uniform involves layers, allow your employees to switch it up on hot days.

UV Sunray Protection

Did you know that specific clothing actually barely protects against UV rays? You defiantly want your employees to remain healthy, keeping their skin shielded from sunburn is a nice way to start. This can be avoided by picking high-quality materials for their summer work uniforms. If the material is too thin or made cheaply, it will offer little to no form of UV protection, depending on the colors. Luckily, many high-quality fabrics allow for blocking UV rays because of their innate thickness and durability.

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