The Best Employee Uniform Guide for Outside Workers

The Best Employee Uniform Guide for Outside Workers

Outside workers need to get access to fresh air every day on the job.

Being an outside worker means that you will get access to fresh air every day. However, as the weather gets cold, it is important to protect yourself from the harsh elements by wearing protective clothing. Colder weather will draw heat from the body, and the body needs to work a lot harder to maintain an average temperature. Luckily, Hanover Uniform provides uniforms that can benefit various industries. Read on for a helpful employee uniform guide for outside workers!

Wear Plenty of Layers

When you’re wearing various layers of clothing, it always helps with insulation. If you get a bit too warm, you could permanently remove the layers too. However, nothing is worse than freezing during a long workday outside. Call in and ask us about our selection of fleece jackets, wind shirts, and other types of warm workwear.

Insulated Coveralls Are a Helpful Employee Uniform

We provide plenty of insulated coveralls as a part of our uniform selection process. Insulated coveralls will help protect against any body heat loss. One other benefit is that they will still allow workers to have a large range of movement. An employee is comfortable while working when they’ve got a lot of flexibility.

Wear the Right Work Boots

Plenty of industrial jobs have standard footwear that they have to wear. Always follow the correct guidelines that your job has set in place. Double-layer the thermal socks and insulated boots to help keep your feet warm and toasty. While shoes with durable tread will help in preventing workplace trips, injuries, and falls.

Use Helmet Liners Under Any Hard Hats

When you cover up your head, it will help to keep your whole body warm. If you wear hard hats to work, it is beneficial to put a helmet liner under it to keep your neck and head both warm.

Look for Waterproof and Insulated Gloves

If you work outside with your hands, then you need the right gloves with the proper texture for the job. Gloves that aren’t waterproof will cause your hands to freeze and become wet as it snows or rains. Gloves with insulation and fleece features exist so you can keep on performing at your best during work. Are your employees prepared for the brutally cold weather? If not, reach out to Hanover Uniform so you can see our wide selection of employee uniforms for outside workers.

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