How to Correctly Sanitize Scrub Uniforms

How to Correctly Sanitize Your Scrub Uniforms

Each medical professional knows just how important their scrub uniforms are.

Each medical professional knows just how important their scrub uniforms are. They aren’t the most attractive kind of uniform, but they are essential for keeping you safe while also saving lives and attending to a sick patient’s needs. Usually, scrub uniforms are the subject to various biohazards like bodily fluids and exposure to bacteria and airborne viruses, so keeping them sanitized and sterile is a necessity when leaving the hospital and before you come in for another shift. Scrub uniforms have to be taken care of quite differently compared to other uniforms, so we have compiled a guide on keeping them as clean as they can be. Read on to learn more!

Only Wear Your Scrub Uniforms While Working

Try to change in and out of your scrub uniforms in your dressing room or bathroom located at the hospital or office that you work, and change out of the scrubs before you leave for the day. Afterward, it would help if you put all dirty scrubs into a plastic bag to avoid possible exposure to yourself and others. When you have arrived at your house, immediately throw your scrubs into the laundry bin.

Wash Them Separately

Scrubs should always be washed separately from your other regular clothes since they usually come into contact with much more significant toxins than the usual sweat, dirt, or grime. One other reason to wash your scrubs separately? Plenty of scrub uniforms have to be washed at a much higher heat for a longer wash cycle. This could damage regular and more delicate clothing, but sturdy scrubs won’t be affected too much.

How to Properly Wash Scrub Uniforms

Grab some scrubs and then put them into one single load. Turn all your scrubs inside while washing because this will help them last longer without ripping or piling. First, run the scrubs through a short cold cycle with regular detergent. This will help in getting rid of dried bodily fluids and debris that is left on the surface of your scrubs. Turn your washing machine up to the highest heat setting, around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and then set the cycle time a bit longer than average. This will allow for much more hot water to neutralize stubborn germs and bodily fluids that have gotten stuck to the scrubs. Use some clothing-safe bleach instead of laundry detergent for this load of clothes.

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