Alternatives to Renting Uniforms for High Turnover Multi-Location Organizations

Many large multi-location organizations that have a standard issued uniform and high turnover in multiple locations overspend on rentals to avoid the headache of buying in bulk and manually keeping track of all the moving parts. In the quest for uniformity across multi-location programs, businesses are now exploring alternatives to traditional rental services. Hanover Uniform leads this transformation by offering unique solutions that prioritize customization and efficiency.

Customized Purchase Programs: Say goodbye to recurring rental costs. With Hanover Uniform’s customized purchase programs, businesses can design and own uniforms that reflect their brand identity and operational needs.

Online Ordering Platforms: Our intuitive custom written software streamlines the uniform procurement process. Managers can track every dollar spent, manage a budget, and itemize uniforms by position for visibility and seamless ordering into every location and employee.

Direct-to-Location Delivery: We ensure timely delivery by shipping uniforms directly to each location, saving time and resources for businesses.

Inventory Management Solutions: Gain real-time visibility into stock levels and usage patterns with our advanced inventory management solutions, optimizing your uniform supply chain.

Discover how Hanover Uniform’s custom manufacturing and proprietary ordering software revolutionize uniform solutions. Visit our website and watch our short video demonstration to learn more. Experience the future of uniform procurement with Hanover Uniform today.

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