What Makes Up a Flame-Resistant Uniform

What Makes Up a Flame-Resistant Uniform?

Today, we will be going over what makes up flame-resistant personal protective uniforms.

For professionals in specific fields, the risk or the certainty of exposure to fire is just a part of their day’s work. Firefighters, power-industry technicians, and scientists working in labs all undergo training in safety protocol for each job in their respective contexts. Without the right attire, skill and experience can prove insufficient during a dangerous situation. Today, we will be going over what makes up flame-resistant personal protective uniforms. Read on to learn more about their design, usage, and functionality!

What Exactly Is a Flame-Resistant Uniform?

Flame-resistant uniforms are tailor-made to minimize any risks to workers in case they come into close proximity to fire. The fabrics are mostly synthetic but might also utilize organic materials with some naturally high immolation tolerance. The outerwear is fully designed mostly to withstand catching fire despite intense temperatures or impact. While this clothing provides resistance to flames, it would be a huge mistake to consider it entirely “fireproof.” However, if too much time in extraordinary heat does cause it to ignite, it will not melt and quickly stops burning in a heat source’s absence.

Classification with Flame-Resistant Uniforms

A wide range of flame-resistant uniforms are available, categorized according to maximum flame resistance – or per the industry parlance, the lab-assessed/-designated “Arc Thermal Protective Value.” This is a numerical value that simplifies the process of buying the proper flame-resistant uniforms for one’s intended usage. Any single-digit ATPVs, for example, would be laboratory approved for any lower-hazard scenarios, with a rating of greater than 40, on the other hand, would then indicate the flame-resistant uniforms made for the highest conceivable degree of some risk. Also, note that some garments might be sold as “flame resistant,” owning to the (e.g.) the presence of specific fibers – but not lad-tested for the real assignation of an ATPV. Ensure you thoroughly vet all flame-resistant items for quality assurance, especially if the price seems a bit low.

Some Trendy Flame-Resistant Uniforms Garment Selections

  • Coveralls and overalls
  • Hi-vi vests and jackets
  • Lab coats
  • Head wraps and face coverings
  • Tees, jeans, and sweatshirts

You might be thinking, yes, customizable flame-resistant uniforms to flaunt your own sense of fashion or a company’s desired look or logo is now possible. However, these tend to offer a bit of a low degree of protection, depending on who you buy them from. Give Hanover Uniform a call today if you’d like to learn about which flame-resistant uniforms we provide!

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