Easy Ways to Customize Your Employee’s Uniforms

Easy Ways to Customize Your Employee’s Uniforms

How do you create a uniform that will represent your brand the best? By customizing it!

When it comes to your employee’s uniforms, there is little left to say about just how practical and beneficial they are for any business. There is a reason why even the world’s biggest companies, those that really need little by way of customer recall and retention, still have employee uniforms despite a lot of newer companies deciding to ditch them. Whether your business is in hospitality, food service, retail, transportation, medical, or public service, a quality uniform is a must. So, how do you create a uniform that will represent your brand the best, you may ask? By customizing it, of course! Read on for a handful of ways you can make your company uniforms truly your own!


You can never go wrong with a bit of high-quality embroidered uniforms. Your embroidery can go not only on your shirts but also on accessories like hats. Embroidered uniforms have that classic appeal that connotes that look: stylish, classic, and posh.


Prints aren’t only practical, but they also offer endless design possibilities that you can take advantage of for your work uniform designs. With higher-quality uniform prints, you can go as basic or as zany and wild as you want with your designs.

Uniform Patterns

Patterns are not just for your go-to party shirt, they make an excellent statement uniform too! Get some custom-printed patterns on your uniform fabrics to make a subtle but impactful uniform for your employees.

Hems and Trims

Hems and trims are the ideal options for brands whose colors are already well-known and recognizable. When used and executed correctly, this uniform customization technique is especially impactful for brands whose colors and logos are already well-known. Your customers will definitely all recognize the brand from miles away! You could also create the same impact by incorporating the primary colors of your sleeves and collars for a more significant and more noticeable impact on your business.

Finding the right uniform service provider, like Hanover Uniform, is vital for finding the right design for your employee’s uniforms. What you want is a uniform provider that has the knowledge, experience, and proper resources to help bring your uniform to life!

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