3 Big Factors to Consider When Picking Food Service Uniforms

3 Big Factors to Consider When Picking Food Service Uniforms

There are plenty of benefits to getting new food service uniforms for the new year.

As we usher in the new year and begin to think of ways to improve our businesses, one area restaurants and anyone who works in food service may be thinking of is their uniforms. An outdated look is a quick way to turn customers away, so it’s important that you maintain updated, modern uniforms that contribute to your employees’ performance and appearance. 

You may have heard complaints about your food service uniforms or you may be trying to get ahead of the game, but either way, there are plenty of benefits to getting new uniforms for the new year. Let’s take a look at what factors may play into your decision.

1. Professional Appearances

While food service uniforms may primarily need to be functional, this doesn’t mean that their look is unimportant. Just like the rest of the appearance of a restaurant, how the employees are dressed can give visitors a sense of professionalism and speak to the quality of where they’re eating. Clean uniforms indicate higher quality services and will make people realize just how seriously you take your line of work. 

Your food service uniforms shouldn’t just look good though; you want to find uniforms that facilitate easy cleaning and changing since messes in a kitchen are inevitable. If you rent your uniforms, you may be able to take advantage of their laundering services, helping you easily maintain clean uniforms for all of your staff.

2. Comfortable Clothing

As important as looks are, it’s also critical that your uniforms are comfortable even over long stretches of time. Kitchen staff know that they are sometimes called to work long, unforgiving shifts that are physically demanding. While this may be the nature of the job, you can make the situation a bit easier for employees by giving them uniforms that are comfortable to wear—by being both lightweight and breathable, you can make the job just a bit easier, even when someone has to work on their feet for a ten hour shift.

3. Finding the Right Price

As with any business decision, your bottom line plays a role in this decision, too. That means looking at the costs: both what you pay upfront and what you end up paying over time. While higher quality uniforms may be more expensive in the immediate, they could end up justifying those costs because you’ll need to replace and clean them less. Likewise, using a laundering service could be more costly, but it could prevent risks that come with having your employees clean their own uniforms. Decisions like picking high-quality uniforms or utilizing a uniform rental service aren’t always easy to make, but remember that costs can be complex and aren’t always immediately clear until you think about longevity.

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