How to Make Your Employee Uniforms All Fit Correctly

How to Make Your Employee Uniforms All Fit Correctly

This blog will break down everything needed to make sure your employee uniforms all fit correctly.

A high-quality uniform is nothing without fitting correctly. You have to start with the perfect measurements to get the uniforms that fit your employees perfectly. Uniforms that fit perfectly are an important part of looking professional, so you can understand why getting the measurements is necessary too. If you are unsure where to start, this blog is a simple breakdown of which measurements you’ll need, what they correspond to, and how you’re able to get them for all employee uniforms accurately. Read on to learn more!

Measuring the Neck

shirt that hangs right at the neck or is too tight around the neck won’t look good. Measuring your neck is simple. Make sure you place any measuring tape at the base of your neck and then keep it leveled, with enough room for a finger between the tape and the neck. You can also use a reference shirt, find a sweater that you know fits well, and lay down the collar flat. Then you are able to run your measuring tape from the top button directly all the way around, and the result in inches will correspond to the neck size.

Length of the Sleeves for the Employee Uniforms

Usually, a shirt with too short or long sleeves is not ideal for employee uniforms. Just relax your arms, let them hang off to your side, then use some measuring tape to check the length from your shoulder seam down to the end of the sleeve. Now you have a sleeve length measurement that takes no more than five minutes.

Waist Measurements for the Employee Uniforms

Employee uniforms should fit snugly in a way that it is still comfortable and easy to move around. To get a solid waist measurement, measure right above the hip bones at a natural waistline. Keep the measuring tape level with a finger of space in between the skin and the tape, which is crucial if you want tighter pants to wear without a belt but also loose enough to be snug and comfortable.


Relax the chest, grab the measuring tape, and then run it below your arms so that it is across the broadest part of your chest and goes around your shoulder blades. Keep the measuring tape level and avoid pulling it too tight, and then you have your measurement.

Uniform Inseam

Think of your inseam as the length inside your leg. It helps prevent a uneven and a sloppy look. Typically, you will want the hem to touch or overlap the shoe just slightly, creating a total look from your pant legs to your shoes. Measuring this will require running the tape down the inside of the leg while your legs are relaxed and the feet are apart naturally. You could also use a pair of pants that fit perfectly as a reference for this.

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